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We established WILD because the well-being of our animals is so important to us. What you feed your pet matters and we have the information and ingredients to you help you make the best decisions you can when it comes to what you put in your beloved, furry family members' bowls. We will help your dogs and cats thrive, not just survive, on the food they eat.We think that shopping at WILD should be an enjoyable experience for the whole family, so bring your pets with you! We’ll give them the VIP treatment while you shop. You can test out our products, grab a tasty treat for your furry companion, pick up the essentials, and have fun!

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We love what we do, and truly care about the well-being of your pets. Whether you stop in for a treat or advice

on how to change your pet's diet, we’re here to make sure your animal is properly nurtured and loved.

Heather Macfarlane

Owner / Founder

Heather is a veteran pet food consultant with over 30 years experience in dog and cat nutrition and health. Trained by the Portland pioneers of holistic veterinary medicine, Heather has worked as veterinary technician and as an herbal pharmacist, honing the art of using natural remedies including herbs, homeopathy and raw diets for dogs and cats.

Heather holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Warner Pacific College. Her desire to continue learning about complementary veterinary therapies has expanded her knowledge of the animal body as a whole.

We made the sunset!  (barely) haha!


Treat tester

If you just can't decide between two treats, Foxglove will give you her honest opinion as she is an expert treat tester and knows what she's talking about. She has had many years experience and can answer all of your questions about all things treats.  Additionally, If you are feeling down, she will turn the gray skies blue with the blink of her big brown eyes and one of a kind smile.

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Locally Owned & Operated.

Thank you for supporting our small business!

Disclaimer: Heather Macfarlane is not a licensed veterinarian.  She provides non-veterinary nutritional advice only. Information and recommendations provided are not intended to replace the advice of your veterinarian.

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