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From Some of Our Nutrition Service Clients


Madiba is our beautiful & healthy 6 year old AussieDoodle. For many years, before we moved to Portland, Madiba had been prone to constant bouts of diarrhea, and was very susceptible to any kind of stomach upset.  Once she got enteritis so badly that she was hospitalized for five days.  She also had an issue with urinary incontinence, she would leak urine in her sleep without realizing it.  Sounds like a lot, but the cure to almost all of this came from our good fortune of getting connected to Heather.  We had a private nutritional counseling session with her and she put Madiba on a raw food diet and added several key supplements to balance her stomach acid and support digestion. She recommended we take Madiba off of the drug for her urinary incontinence, which wasn't even working, and replaced it with a low dose natural hormone supplement which actually works and is safer for her. We followed all of Heather's recommendations and Madiba's health has improved tremendously.  Now, a year later, Madiba rarely experiences digestive upset. Madiba is living her best life and is in peak health thanks to Heather.  Her energy level is that of a puppy, she is playful and crazy, her coat is soft and shiny, her teeth are in great shape and her eyes are bright and curious.  I'm sure she is happy but I am even happier because besides my husband, Madiba is my love.  We have saved thousands on vet  bills and on the occasion she does get sick, we can manage it with natural supplementation.  Consuming a raw food diet is absolutely critical to Madiba's good health and I will never be able to thank Heather enough for keeping my girl so happy and healthy.  

~Becky B. Portland, OR

miss sweetie flower queen, cropped.jpg

Heather is a dog-send (god spelled backwards)! Miss Sweetie was in bad shape, losing vitality and with multiple issues. Vets never give a good prognosis no matter what but I knew there was another way. I couldn't believe it when I found Heather! She was exactly what I was looking for. Someone smart and savvy with a modern, wholistic expertise in nutrition, not one back in the cave days of kibble and vet prescribed terrible diets. 

Sweetie is doing great! She runs to her food bowl now and eats it all. She never did that before. And the supplements make me so hopeful that she'll be happy and vital for more years to come. Thank you, Heather!



"I have to say, I was a generally skeptical person when it came to pet nutrition. My dogs have always eaten everything and been ok (in my eyes at least). But our most recent dog had lots of GI issues and finally we decided to hear what Heather had to say. She evaluated his symptoms as well as his environment and came up with a solution that would work for the dog and the family. Our dog is absolutely thriving. We thought he was happy and energetic before but now he is quite literally much more balanced. His weight is steady, he never throws up, he's much less nervous and seems more confident taking on new tasks. Another great thing is that Heather follows up to see how the pet is doing and adjust accordingly. It's not just a prescription and you're on your own. Great experience working with her for us, and most importantly, our dog!"

~Sam P., Portland, Oregon



"What a godsend this company is, finally someone who really does know what the reality of commercialised pet foods is doing to our animals. Heather was a life saver, literally, with detailed advice for our dog when he was seriously ill several years ago & if ever I have a query over the RIGHT way to keep our dogs healthy & in their prime, she is always there with fantastic information & positive assistance. Cannot recommend her highly enough ~ total animal lover with a wealth of hard information!"

~Raymond M., London, England



"From the time that we got Nala at 8 weeks old my husband and I have spent the past 18 months and thousands of dollars going to several vets in the hopes of getting Nala healthy and on the right track. After far too many unsuccessful rounds of antibiotics, misdiagnoses of colitis, IBS and other related diseases, along with prescriptions for “specialized” dog food, we began searching for an alternative solution. We found out that Nala has food allergies. Thankfully, we found Heather who suggested that we try transitioning Nala to raw food by slowly incorporating it into her diet as well as giving her supplements to help her GI become healthy. Heather was able to help us get Nala's GI system under control as well as helping her gain weight. Thank You, Heather!"

~Ashlee J, Forest Grove, Oregon



"I first met with Heather to consult on the health of our little pug, Olive, who had spent the first 4 years of her life confined as a puppy mill breeding dog. When we adopted her, Olive was nervous, had a very thin coat, urinary tract issues, and had likely never been given proper attention or nutrition. After a very good vet suggested a "prescription dog food" to address the urinary issues to which I vehemently objected, Heather was referred to me. I had a natural instinct toward clean pure food, like we eat, but as this was my first dog I felt unsure about a dog's needs. She suggested a raw diet, some chinese herbs for calming, and a few well chosen supplements to support her food, help boost her immunity, calm her and begin to build a confidence in her. Now a year and a half later, Olive has blossomed, due to Heathers wise counsel. 

Heather is generous and kind, very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. I would, and do recommend her to anyone who loves their dog and wants to offer them the gift of vibrant health and wellness."

~Sarah S., Portland, Oregon



"Heather has my dog's best interest at heart. She will go the extra mile to make sure you and your pet are taken care of, whatever your financial situation may be. I have taken my dog to the vet only to have him put on more antibiotics and he continued to experience the same health problems. Heather's care has helped my dog stop the vicious cycle of infections and finally heal his skin. I cannot say enough good things about Heather, she has been a life saver for my dog!"

~Anna G., Beaverton Oregon



"We feel grateful to have found Heather aka Balanced by Nature. Her knowledge and interest in the well-being of our furry friends is absolutely wonderful. She is an up-to-date wealth of knowledge for our new puppy's health. I really like working with someone that has no vested interest in selling you a particular brand. Her communication is clear and concise, her passion is contagious. A trusted passionate and professional resource."

~Gregg G., Sequim, Washington



"Heather has been such an amazing wealth of knowledge and support. My fur baby has been dealing with an on-going eye issue that was only treatable via drugs from our Vet's view. With Heathers help we have been able to maintain his health and decrease his need for his eye drops by about 95%. I am so grateful for Heathers work!"

~Teri C., Portland, Oregon



"When we rescued a FIV+ cat with skin issues, a consultation with Heather was suggested by another pet lover friend. Heather came to our house and met Ziggy. We discussed food and supplements to help clear up his skin and boost his immune system. She even brought a few food samples so we could see which one he liked. There was so much information on the internet and I was confused as was what was best for Ziggy. Heather sorted it out for us and Ziggy is doing great. His skin is much better and has much more energy. I would recommend Heather and her wealth of knowledge to anyone who is looking for assistance in an natural and nutrition based plan to either heal their pet or just get them on the right track for a healthy life."

~Ruth P., Portland, Oregon



"I've called upon Heather's services on more than one occasion and will continue to do so. I am confident in both her practical and intuitive skills at providing the nutritional advice and herbal supplements for my animals. I know my cats are healthier and spunkier due to her services."

~Maggie P., Portland, Oregon



"Heather is so lovely to work with. She is always available to help when needed. Our Australian Shepherd, Rosie, had an upset stomach for many months and we just thought it was due to anxiety but Heather helped us figure out what was going on. We changed food and got her on supplements and now she eats like a champ and no more upset stomach. Thanks Heather!"

~Jenni A., Billings, Montana

mr newman.jpg


"Heather is awesome! She is able to provide many ideas and solutions to such a wide array of pet issues. After struggling with an incredibly sensitive, aggressive cat I thought I would have to give away, Heather's persistence and range of ideas helped resolve the issue to the point I love my relationship with my cat again, and he seems really happy and healthy. Thanks Heather!"

~Tammy H., Portland Oregon



"We adopted Kingsley from the Oregon SPCA in 2011. At the time he came into our lives, we were told that he had been returned to the shelter at least 3 times due to his suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He was 9 years old at the time. Our guess is that his vomiting was unbearable for his former companions. With a face like his, how could we not accept the challenge? We had two veterinarians examine him and both prescribed special diets containing grains and specialty meats such as duck, rabbit and venison. Nothing worked! He still was vomiting on the average of once a day. You could tell just by looking at him he was suffering. We tried an Enteric formula of food (still containing grains such as cornmeal) to no avail. We feel so fortunate to have found you. You nailed the problem immediately. Your explanation of cats being obligate carnivores and how they need raw food diets to keep them healthy. And since being on a raw food diet, Kingsley has shown marked improvement! Not only has his vomiting all but disappeared, but his coat looks so much better, and his eyes even seem brighter! The digestion supplement that you recommended has also been effective in reducing his symptoms. He just seems so much more comfortable & are we! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Now, if you could just get him to stop laying on our chests at 6:30 in the morning to remind us of his feeding time, we'd be even happier! Again, Thanks for all you help & follow-up."

~Dick V., Portland, Oregon



"We LOVE Heather! We have a 16 month old Havanese named Maggie May. We adopted her when she was just 8 weeks old. Maggie May always had loose stool, so after a few months we decided to switch from one commercial dry kibble to another. If anything, she got worse so we continued to try different dry kibbles hoping it was just a food allergy or intolerance. The diarrhea got so bad we needed to consult our Vet. Over the course of the next 5 months, our Vet ran every blood test possible and did multiple stool samples. Even though every test came back normal poor Maggie May was subjected to 3 rounds of strong antibiotics which caused the diarrhea to be pure brown water. Maggie is and was a very happy puppy, ate well, slept well and played a lot. This made us even more convinced it was just a matter of finding the right diet for her. After searching for the best Naturopathic Nutritionist we met Heather. She had read all of Maggie's medical charts before our meeting. She came prepared with LOTS of information and great handouts too. She said she was confident she could help us. Heather immediately started Maggie May on a custom diet with a probiotic and another supplement to help with her gastrointestinal issues. Heather said we should see a difference in just a few days. We were so hopeful. THE VERY NEXT DAY Maggie had perfect bowel movements!!! We were amazed and cautious about believing this was going to last. It has been 2 weeks now and we are positive she is cured!!! Heather is a great listener and full of researched information. She is available by e-mail and phone to answer our questions. She continues to check with us about Maggie May's health. We will forever be grateful we met Heather!!!! She is one in a million!!!"

~Harvey P., Portland, Oregon

j and k.jpg

Joli & Kenzie

"Heather is simply amazing. She has a depth of knowledge that she brings to her consultations that is stunning. More importantly she is willing to share that knowledge with pet owners in order to help them make informed decisions. I contacted Heather when I first started looking at feeding my two Bichons a raw food diet. They both had developed skin issues and the vets were only interested in prescribing steroids and antibiotics to combat the problem. Finally fed up with treating symptoms and not problems I decided to look into nutrition. However, the information available can be overwhelming and confusing. Heather stepped in and helped me navigate the confusion. She also recommended supplements based upon each dogs unique needs. Additionally, Heather does not just give a consultation; she follows-up with her clients to ensure that the diet and supplements are working. One of my Bichons in particular has been very difficult to treat. Heather is continually working with me to tweak diet and supplements to provide relief for my little guy. Whether you are combating specific issues with your pet or are just looking to provide better health and nutrition overall, I highly recommend Heather!"

Adam T., Portland, Oregon



"Heather made a huge impact in a very short period of time for me and my 15 year old husky, Zorro. Heather was very responsive to my initial call, came to the house and offered many creative options to help my guy, both from a nutrition (food, supplements) and from a professional network perspective. She was patient and thorough, and her suggestions helped all of us (me, Zorro, and my other husky Echo) work through a difficult time. Beyond her pet expertise, she was a terrific, caring, supportive, and genuine person and you know it is true when your pets sense and respond to that immediately. If you have a need to seek some wellness help for your pet, I highly recommend Heather to help you through that journey to restoring health."

Jill L., Portland, Oregon

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