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From Animal Professionals

“Heather has many years experience and a wealth of knowledge to help you choose the best diet and supplements for your pet. I wholeheartedly recommend her services for anyone looking for a nutrition expert to address symptoms of disease & imbalance resulting from an overall lack of appropriate nutrition. She has been immersed in the field of holistic pet nutrition for the 30 years I have known and worked with her. From pet food companies, meanings of ingredients, preparing individual & balanced pet food from scratch, to Chinese energetics of food, Heather has the experience necessary and success with working with clients to find the food their pet will thrive on.”

Jeff Judkins, DVM

Founder - Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic

Owner - AnimalKind Holistic Veterinary Clinic

"I am a small-animal veterinarian and have worked with Heather a lot through the years and thoroughly enjoy her work ethic and dedication to the pets that she sees.  She is very knowledgeable about pet animal nutrition and has worked with hundreds and hundreds of people over the years with the goal of optimum health through nutrition and gentle natural care.  She also understands very well the limitations and knows when we refer to a veterinary or other professional if all of the pet's needs cannot be met through diet alone. It's great to know that Heather is out there helping people formulate diets for their pets in their homes - where the cooking and eating are happening - this is a perspective that cannot be gotten by a person seeing your pet in a veterinary clinic - there is no way they can see the whole picture so I wholeheartedly recommend Heather and refer many clients to her!"

Lisa Hoberg, DVM

Holistic Housecall Veterinary Service

"Heather has been working in the pet care industry for the past 25 plus years. As a holistic veterinarian, I appreciate the years of studying that she has dedicated to educating herself regarding optimum nutrition for our animals. There is a tremendous amount of information that needs to be explored and understood to safely and effectively counsel people regarding animal nutrition. She has helped hundreds of clients and their pets. She has a great vision for what can be accomplished to help more people and their pets. Heather is dedicated, hard-working, and compassionate and has a great ability to connect with the pets as well as their people."

Keith Weingardt, DVM

Animal Healing Arts of Portland

"Heather is GREAT!  One of the dangers today is that many people call themselves experts, without having the proper frame of reference for what they are talking about, but in Heather's case, she has been on the forefront of dog and cat nutrition for many more years than her youthful appearance might make you think. She is grounded in the facts of dog and cat nutrition, as well as the experience of working with hundreds of dogs and cats through the years.  Her knowledge of raw food diets is rational and experiential, so especially if you are considering feeding a raw food diet to your beloved family dog or cat, call Heather for compassionate and intelligent support."

Chip Sammons

Founder -Holistic Pet Center

"As a professional dog trainer, one of the first questions I ask clients is, "What are you feeding your dog?" because nutrition plays such an important role in dog behavior. I have my clients consult with Heather and we find that most of the behavioral problems alone have been resolved with better nutrition. Heather is very passionate about helping animals and she puts 110% into everything she does."

Brae Raphael

Dog Trainer - PDX Dog Quest

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